Bela Padilla shows off hidden curves in her sexy bikini snaps

After her show “My dear Heart” ended, Bela Padilla has now found a way to relax herself from all the stresses in life. Bela is just so pretty and sexy even if exposed in different kind of schedule and appointments as an actress. She is one of the prettiest faces in the showbiz industry.

Bela looked stress-free recently after spending the past week island-hopping with her family and friends. As she had her writing debut with the movie “Luck at First Sight” last month, she happily showed off her sexy figure in some bikini snaps she shared on her Instagram account.

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As Padilla wrote, “The only way I could love this moment more is if you were here.”

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In another, she posed with her friend, Dani Barretto, the daughter of Marjorie Barretto, while in Cebu and wrote: “Until I’m alive, you’ll never be alone.”

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According to Padilla, after a short break, she will be taking on an apprenticeship under director Dan Villegas as she shifts focus from acting to script writing.

Bela is just one of those actresses and actors in showbiz who tried to escape from reality every once in a while. Their way of skipping stress is to treat themselves in some outings and get-aways.