BEWARE! This girl once to have a nice flower tattoo until it peels off and completely ruined her skin

Getting a tattoo these days make you cool or at least that’s other people say. The more body ink you have, the more you gain attention and sometimes even getting admired because of it. Despite the fact that getting a tattoo is one of today’s fashion trademarks, many of us don’t know its side effects, especially when applied to an infected skin.

A very graphic set of photos originally posted by the Facebook page Ordure Colombia is now getting more attention as it features a gruesome view of a woman getting her skin peeled off after having a tattoo on her chest.

At first, her tattoo was really looking great and very well done

But as time goes it is starting to look odd for some reason

Here the tattoo is starting to took like it’s going to peel off the woman’s skin

And peeled off it did. (WARNING! The next set of photos contains graphic images)

When the tattoo came off it looks like this…

The tattoo left a huge permanent scar on the woman

Basically, a tattoo is considered to be a wound on your body so the tattoo artist can inject permanent ink there to create a beautiful masterpiece. However, if you have such condition, you might think twice before having a tattoo.

One netizen pointed out that this could actually happen to someone with chronic skin infection. So if you’re planning to have a tattoo, better to consult your dermatologist first.