BEWARE! Suspected members of “kidnap for organs” on the move again

A news is spreading on Facebook about two strangely looking women are abducting children somewhere in Parañaque and has caused a commotion on social media sites.

According to netizen July Anne Lazaro of Fourth Estate Barangay San Antonio Parañaque City, a woman was spotted attempting to kidnap a child, but luckily enough the child was screaming which alerted the citizens around area and called the authorities for help.

According to Lazaro, the suspects were pretending to have a mental problem to get away of their crime.

One of the suspects who was identified as Filomena was accused of being at schools to pick a children they wanted to kidnap. In her post, Lazaro stated that parents should always keep a good eye on their children to avoid such alarming scenario.

Lazaro also said that after capture of Filomena, her accomplice was also been captured in the 4th Estate. However she wasn’t able to post the picture yet.

See her full Facebook post below.