“Birhen sa Mais” attracts tourists and worshipers in Iligan City

While some commit to fasting, or dedicate oneself through crucifixion, others flock to various miraculous sites to observe lengthen season.

One of the most-visited,worshiped image is “Birhen sa Mais” in Barangay Digkilaan, Iligan City which is expected to be sought by faithful believers this holy week to witness the face of Virgin Mary formed in a piece of corn.

According to Virginia Ancho, a farmer who took hold of the “holy thing”, the image appears much bigger and vivid this year than it was last few years.

The image of a woman having a crown on its head that resembles that of Mary with her two hands intertwined that appears to be praying can be seen int he mid-center of the partly unwrapped corn.

Ancho strongly believes that the same image gave his grandchild second life after it suffered from head injury.

The corn formed with the image has been gone-after by many since 2002 when Ancho took it to his custody after he noticed it while picking up corns to feed the chickens.

Both church and experts though, have not yet examined the said piece of corn believed to be miraculous, because Ancho never gets detach from it. Until he died last 2012 with his corpse buried near the altar built for the image itself. ( Photos courtesy of ABSCBN News )