“Blood Witch” smears period blood on her face to “reconnect” with her body

Women all over the wold experience menstruation on a monthly basis. The fluid is discharged from the body as a means to cleanse the female reproductive system. However, most women experience a certain kind of pain called dysmenorrhea everytime they are having their period.

 A 'sacred ritual': Yazmina Jade claims she's breaking the stigma over periods by painting her own menstural blood onto her face

Former hairdresser Yazmina Jade, 26, has vowed to break the stigma over periods – by smearing menstruation over her face. She considers this act as a “sacred ritual to reconnect with her body”. The feminine healer from Gold Coast, Australia, has released footage of her ceremony in a quest to prove the menstrual cycle is nothing to be ashamed of.

 The former hairdresser has posted a video online of her antics

While there are haters who accuse her of being “sick” and “mental” on social media, Jade says: “This was a sacred ritual to reconnect with my body. As women, we’re deeply disconnected with our bodies because of societal shame. I decided to place the blood all over my face, and taste it to reclaim that part of myself. I could truly embody all that I was.”

Jade believes that in the modern day, menstrual cycle is still considered a predicament of women and are still widely considered to be secret “women’s business” which should not be the case.

 'I feel better than ever' said Yazmina after her period facial

According to The Sun, through her feat, Jade encourages women to know that they don’t have to manage their periods privately and discretely.

“I’ve done a complete 180, I wake up every day with joy. I’m finally part of a community that understand me and embrace me for all that I am. That’s why I have started helping other women reclaim the divine feminine,” Jade said.

Watch Jade’s video below: