Boy declared dead by doctors came back to life and asked for a glass of water

We are indeed living in a world full of unexplained mysteries and horrors.

The whole family and even some of the mourners were greatly ‘shocked’ and ‘horrified’ when this 2-year-old boy who was declared dead by his ‘doctors’ suddenly came back to life and asked for a glass of water.

In a report made by Buzz Flare, the said Brazilian boy named Kelvin Santos was brought to the hospital and was diagnosed with pneumonia. Sadly, his condition worsened by his fever and he was declared dead at around 7 o’clock.

The medical experts, practitioners and doctors at Abelardo Santos Hospital in Belem, northern Brazil could no longer treat him and revive him again.

Accepting the unfortunate ending of their son, the awful family brought his remains at their home where they held a wake for their beloved son.

Due to severe brokenness, Antonio Santos, the father of the dead boy, went to his coffin and spoke with the boy some two hours before the funeral.

“Son, come back to daddy,” the crying dad called out as he hugged his son inside the coffin. They were greatly shocked and screamed when the boy came back to life and sat in his coffin.

“Daddy, can I have some water?” the boy asked. The shocked mourners rushed to get a glass for the boy but the family’s excitement easily turned to grief again when the boy collapsed and stopped moving once again.

Undoubtedly 100% sure that their son was alive, the family rushed him back to Abelardo Santos Hospital but the doctors declared him ‘dead’. The family was so sure that they’ve seen the boy had been alive with their very own eyes, especially because he was able to talked and even asked for a glass of water! So, they are now preparing for a legal case suit against the irresponsible doctors in a probable cause of medical malpractice!

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