Brave girl shares how she fought enormous mass brought by ovarian cancer at the age of 22

A Facebook user named Christine Ching recently shared a story of having her left ovary and left Fallopian tube operated where a 20.9cm tumor was removed. The photos of her undergoing an operation left many netizens in shock and touched at the same time. Once you know her story, you might see life in a different way.

In her viral post, she recalls how she survived all the struggles she had experience during those times. According to her, she purposely ignored all the symptoms and never went for a check up even once, until April of 2015 when someone finally convinced her to go and see a doctor.

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After going for a check up, she was shocked when she was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the age of 22. She also said that they have to wait for a week if she can undergo chemotherapy and once the results were out she was told to have 4 cycles of chemo, in which she has posted a photo in each cycle.

First Cycle


Second Cycle


Third Cycle


And the fourth…

Christine Ching said that her purpose of sharing her story is to remind everybody to always see a doctor most especially if you have the gut feeling that something wrong is going on with your body. She also said that  it is very important to have your general check up at least every 6 month even if you feel at the moment you are feeling healthy and strong. After all, this type of illness always comes in a surprising manner. “Health is wealth,” she said.

She is currently doing well 2 years after her surgery and even looks better as she once did in the photo we provided below.

Read below the full post:

Hello everyone! I just want to share something with you most especially sa mga ladies mapa bata man or matanda. May asawa ka man or wala. (mejo mahaba po ito) Please take time to read.

2 years ago today i had an operation where they removed my left ovary, left fallopian tube and a 20.9 cm tumor inside my stomach. I was inside the operating room for 4 hours…

Flash back muna tayo. 1st week ng April of 2015, i started experiencing constipation, pain in my stomach and lower back pain. Hinayaan ko lang yon.. hindi ako nagpacheck up kase takot tlga ako. Haha. And then after a few days.. i noticed na lumalaki yung puson ko and i kept thinking na kaya lumalaki ang tyan ko kase hirap ako magpoop 💩💩💩 (haha) so hinayaan ko pa din kahit na pinagsasabihan ako na magpacheck up na.. (Tigas ng ulo ko noh?) Haha.

April 25 2015.. may nakapag convince sakin na magpacheck up kase nga malaki na yung tyan ko at hindi pa din nawawala yung mga pain na nararamdaman ko. So pumunta kmi sa hospital. Sa internal medicine doctor ako nagpacheck up kc ang irereklamo ko lang tlga is yung constipation ko. When it was my turn, napansin agad ng dr na malaki puson ko at parang may nakapa syang bukol so she immediately reffered me sa obgyne. Nung nasa ob na kmi, the dr checked me and she told me na may nakakapa syang malaking bukol. Biglang ang bilis ng mga pangyayari.. andami ng pinapagwang tests sakin.. (ct scan, ultra sound, blood tests . Etc etc….)
Nagpa ultrasound ako that same day to confirm kung may bukol ba tlga or wala and then boom. There it was! 19 cm na yung size ng tumor ko. Bumalik kami sa ob, gave her the result and she told me na kelangan ko maoperahan agad. She also told me that there was a 50% chance na malignant ang bukol ko. When the dr told us that i might have cancer dun nako umiyak. Habang nageexplain yung dr sa mga procedures and tests na kelangan gawin ako tulala lang. That time ayaw ko maniwala na baka nga may cancer ako.

After that day. Everything changed. I resigned from my job to focus on my health. Palipat lipat kmi ng ospital.. asking for 2nd 3rd 4th opinion. Pero lahat ng ospital na puntahan namin pareho lang ang sinasabe. Kelangan matanggal yung bukol para ma biopsy at malaman kung malignant or benign.

May 19 2015. (Operation day ko) Tinanggal nila yung left ovary and fallopian tube ko, some lymph nodes, my omentum and yung tumor. The tumor was indeed malignant. 😭😭😭 i was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at the age of 22.

We needed to wait for a week para malaman kung kelangan ko pa magchemo or hindi na. When the final results came.( parang exam lang ah) haha. 😂 My doctor told me na kelangan ko magchemo kase aggressive type yung cancer ko so ako si Miss iyakin.. edi hagulgol naman. 😭😭😭

I had 4 cycles of chemo. ( July 2015 – Nov. 2015) Hindi ko na kwento yung sa chemo ka ha. Baka maging MMK na toh. Haha! Basta ang 1 cycle ko is equivalent to 13 chemo meds.. i think alam nyo na po ang side effects ng chemo.

So balik tayo sa present day. Haha i’ve been wanting to share this a loooong time agoooo.. haha kaso everytime na naiisip ko yung mga pinagdaanan ko, ng family ko eh nagiging emotional ako. Nalulungkot..nadedepress but now… I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! Magaling na po ako.

I’m sharing this because i want you girls to be aware about Ovarian Cancer. Know the signs and symptoms. To all the girls out there( pati na din boys) please please please.. it is very important to have your general check up atleast every 6 months. Even if you feel that you’re healthy and strong.. Health is Wealth guys. Wag nyo ako gayahin.. i knew na may mali sa body ko pero i kept thinking na im ok and i’m healthy kaya hindi agad ako nagpacheck up. Ladies listen to your body. See your doctor!

Thank you for reading this. God is Good. God Bless You All.