Breadwinner but unappreciated? Read this short letter!

Being the breadwinner of the family is no joke. One has to think of the welfare of the majority of the family members first before considering their own happiness.

Breadwinners are often considered the most selfless individuals because of their perseverance to provide for their family first before even thinking of their own needs. To satisfy the whole family first before taking their own satisfaction into the picture.

This netizen named Neil Jed Castro perfectly captured what it feels like to be a breadwinner that he decided to post an appreciation message to all those breadwinners out there who only need the word of “thanks” from their family members in order to continue doing what they do best.

Read the full post here:

This is for all the bread winners,

Thank you for being so selfless. Thank you for the never ending love. Thank you for having so much drive to provide for the family. Thank you for all the efforts you have made just to provide for them.

You are one of a kind. You are willing to give everything even to the point that you do not have anything for yourself. You are a perfect example of someone who gives back so much. Someone who values family really hard. 

Do not worry because your efforts are being noticed. All your sacrifices are not put to waste. All your good deeds are valued. Thank you for having a heart of gold. You only deserve the best. You always have my respect!

The post has captured the hearts of netizens that it recently became viral. It now has over 7,000 reactions with more than 4,000 shares, all from people who value the hardwork that the breadwinners of the family are doing.