Bride sexually assaulted by best man and groom’s man on a wedding prank

Chinese people have their own custom and tradition on their wedding celebrations. They have this so called naohun, or “turbulence at weddings”. They have to do some pranks with the groom and the bride, sometimes with risque games. And bridesmaids get the worst of the game because the game always leads to sexual harassment.

Just like with the case of these two young men whose video “wedding prank” went viral on Chinese social media site. That simple prank went into sexual assault and lead them to be arrested.

The shocking video, of the most widely-shared on Weibo last week, shows two men at the backseat of a car grinning and laughing as they grope a young woman, trying to grab her breasts and later take off her underwear as she protests and tries to fight against them.

It is the latest video exposing the trouble in some “wedding pranks” against bridesmaids in China, which results to sexual assaults. The video left Chinese netizens appalled and calling for a police investigation into the incident as the faces of these two men were spread around the web.

The two men were then arrested. One man was identified as the 21-year-old best man surnamed Hu, while the other was identified as a 19-year-old groomsman surnamed Chen.

Based on the reports, the bridesmaid knew both of these two men and is not intending to pursue any lawsuit. However, police are still investigating the matter, and lawyers told China Business News that the pair could be put behind bars for five years for what they did in the video.

Most of the Chinese people hated the way these “wedding pranks” are practiced. So, this is somehow a realization to maybe change some mechanics on the game or just lessen the sexual assaults to women.

SOURCE: Shanghaiist