British traveler shares horrifying experience in a hotel in Makati

This viral story of a beautiful and stunning British guest of a certain hotel in Makati is currently viral now on social media. This is definitely the main reason why we should always be careful and vigilant in every places that we stay.

Here is the British guest named Danni Georgina’s viral narration of her horrifying story based on her post. This is quite lengthy but is really worth to read:

“Oh my god !!!!!!!! Fucking weirdo!!!! !!!!!! So we’re staying at an Airbnb in Manila and the guy who owns the room owns all 18 rooms on this floor. We had 2 rooms opposite eachother , left our bags & suitcases in one room and stayed in the other.

Today we get up, around 12, and the Airbnb host had messaged me on whatsapp at 8:40AM (remember this time!!) asking “hey is everything all good?”. We go to the other room to get our stuff & money but the door is locked… even tho we left it unlocked.

So I was messaged the guy for ages with no reply. Then, we finally managed to break into the room

We go in our room and realise our money had been stolen from inside Mats wallet which was inside his bag. Luckily we didn’t have too much, & Nothing else was gone.

Finally the dude replies & comes to speak to us. He tells us this bullshit story that apparently this morning, at 8:40, he saw the room with our bags in “wide open” so he ‘locked it for us’!! (Hence texting me). He said that maybe the wind opened it even tho all our windows was shut, and he said maybe one of the builders or painters opened the door and stole our money, even tho this is a private floor so no one would have any reason to be here.

Just wait cos this gets really fucking weird…

We don’t believe his crap cos he seems like a weirdo so we ask the reception to see the CCTV.

Finally after 2 hours they let us watch the CCTV and oh my god!!!!

turns out that all the peep holes in the door are removable from the outside… and we see him take it out & look in our room whilst we was sleeping!!! This happens on like 4 different occasions from 9:30 am – 10:30 am. Way after he sent the text! You can clearly see the bed from the peep hole and I was fully naked. He was staring through the hole for so long!! We couldn’t see clearly cos the camera is in a weird angle but fuck knows he could have been taking photos and shit as he told us he’s a “photographer” before.

Once he was sure we were asleep, he takes the peep hole out of the other door with our bags in, to make sure no one is in there. Then he opens our door and spends about 3 minutes inside. He comes out, locks it and walks away whilst putting something into his pockets.

He proceeds to take the peep hole out of 2 other doors that have guests asleep in, staring inside like a fukin creep. So clearly when he text me at 8:40 was to make sure I was asleep before coming! But he said he did this AFTER he saw the “door open” which is a total lie. Ps just want to mention that he’s stuffed the peep holes on all the rooms from the INSIDE with toilet paper, meaning no guests can see out. Only HE can see in when he removes it.

Now he’s busted and I’ve sent him messages saying we watched everything he did and he’s not replying!!!

I’m sooo creeped out right now and absolutely disgusted. No idea what to do!! Help

** this was at 10th floor citadel inn tower, makati! His name is allan .”

Netizens who have read her story online shared this to bring awareness, most especially to those people who are fond of staying in different hotels and inns. They also gave advice to the said woman to file a report on what had happened during their stay. Whoever did this malicious act has also committed a crime!

Share this article to all your friends and family. They must be warned of this kind of modus.