Brother of the OFW in Japan who committed suicide finally speaks to clear his name

Rape cases are eventually happening now in different places of the world. And lots of suicide incidents are about the victims of rape cases. They decided to end up their lives just to escape from the reality of being a rape victim.

Making a suicide note before is through papers and ball pens while in this modern generation, suicide notes are now through writing or uploading a video on Facebook. Lots of cases are already recorded just like what happened to the woman named Pitchie Inoue, an OFW in Japan.

Pitchie recorded on her cellphone, her suicide video, and there she confessed that she was a rape victim. She admitted that her father, brother and her uncle in mother’s side had raped her. She said that her mother knew of the case but chose to stay silent and protect their family.

As she mentioned on the video, one of her assailants told her that if she wanted to take her own life, she better do it while in Japan. And to fulfill the wish, she took a handful of pills and drank them all at once.

Watch the video here:

But his brother Joey Bunquin, one of the accused in Pitchie’s video, immediately defended himself. He cleared his name and explained his side. According to him, he was not a drug addict and that the video had happened in Japan in February when his sister was depressed. And Pitchie died in the Philippines on June 1 in her friend named Mary.

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Joey’s post on her account:

The brother said that the real cause of Pitchie’s death is due to cardiac arrest and not the handful of pills she drank all at once in Japan, that’s according to the doctor as he said.

In every story, we have to know both sides of the story to clearly understand the persons involved. Let’s pray for the victim’s soul anyway.

SOURCE: Inside Readers