Brother voluntarily stops for 1 year so he can be classmate and carry his sister at school

Many people are disturbed of being poor and can’t avoid the fact that poverty is one of the reasons why they can’t achieve success in life, even more if you have a disability. However, these siblings proved that wrong when both of them took a step closer to their dreams when they graduated together.

Their story of success is nothing without sacrifices though, as the girl’s older brother voluntarily stopped going to school for a year so that he and his disabled younger sister can be classmates, where he carries her on his back every time they go to school.

Facebook page Cebu Cetizen Report later identified the girl as Ella Mae Belido and despite of her disability, she was able to graduate from her school.

The heartwarming story went viral once it was shared by netizen Leonard Nuñez on the mentioned Facebook page, who saw them during their graduation.

Inspired netizens shared the story on their timelines and sure enough, it reached generous and kindhearted people who voluntarily reach out and donated goods to the family.

The siblings were able to receive groceries and other resources. They also were able to purchase a wheel chair for Ella, so that her brother will no longer carry her on his back, but rather pushing her using her new wheelchair.

We can all assume that Ella’s older brother will continue on helping her at school or anywhere as long they have each others company.

SOURCE: DefinitelyFilipino, Cebu Citizen Report