Buboy Villar girlfriend is pregnant

A father’s day celebration is a one day event that would remind all of us about having a father and how great they are for being one. We are blessed enough if we have a father who is so responsible, loving and caring. But of course, not all fathers are like that, however, they may be that responsible or not, still they are the reason of having a life here and that’s what we have to be thankful for.

And just with the time of the father’s day celebration, Buboy Villar and girlfriend Angillyn Gorens announced on their Instagram accounts that they going to be parents soon. Angillyn is pregnant and they’re expecting a baby girl.

The 18-year-old Encantadia star shared the sonogram of their first child on his Instagram and wrote, “Thank God sa blessing na eto. Anak, ikaw ang the best best best best na nangyari sa buhay namin. I love you Angelica Nazareth.”

Angillyn also shared a photo of Buboy kissing her baby bump along with a Father’s Day greeting. “Happy Father’s Day @buboyvillar thank you for being there for me and especially for our baby. we love you so much!.”

Buboy and Angillyn became a couple back in February and the actor said that Angillyn’s family had already given their approval for both of them.

They may be too young to be parents soon but what is important is they’re ready for the responsibilities and their parents are there to support.