Bullied ugly duckling envied by haters after plastic surgery and marrying a rich guy

We always thought that enchanting transformations only happens in movies and fairytales, but a woman only known by the name Kuok caught some heavy attention on various social media sites after her amazing transformation from a hideous looking girl to a head turning kind of beauty.

According to viral4real, Kuok used to be bullied during her younger years and was always been the subject of due to her looks. In fact during match-making sessions, no one has the desire to pick her and even expresses their thoughts towards her and it’s not very nice.

Unfortunately, the bullying didn’t stop, instead it even gets worst through years. This lead the 22-year old Vietnamese girl to take actions and decided to undergo plastic surgery just to improve and change how she looks like.

Kuok reportedly spent around $20,000 for her surgery and cosmetic procedures and as expected, she is completely a different person as all those unpleasant about her face were all gone, as you can see on the photo provided below.


Months after her surgery healed up, she began dating a young rich dude and shortly after, her boyfriend proposed to her and is now living as a couple under the same roof.


Although despite of her incredible transformation, many netizens pointed out that that there was nothing special about her, because the beauty she has now were just all due to a plastic surgery and nothing more.