BURNED! Kris Aquino knows very well how to shut down critics

As the number of people who are exposed to social media grows, the number of netizens who get to see the public posts of various celebrities also increase and that includes not just fans but bashers as well.

However, it seems that some celebs also mastered the art of replying to such bashers in an unexpected way. Just like this recent encounter with a basher of the queen of all media herself, Kris Aquino.

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It all started when Kris posted a photo of her son Bimby in her Instagram account. The post shows Bimby holding up a book and smiling to the camera. Kris captioned the photo by narrating the story behind the said photo. She says that Bimby asked what Christmas give could he give to his mom. During that time, Kris was watching a video of a British blogger and she showed the book entitled “handbags” as one of her favorite Christmas gifts.

Then, Bimby took a photo of the book and asked for the help of one of the members of the glam team of his mom to find out if the book is available on bookstores. Kris also shared that she found it cute especially when Bimby made an effort to cut his allowance in order to pay for the book he gave to his mom.

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Despite this, one basher commented that in the photo, it seems that Bimby used ‘beauty effect’ to which Kris had the perfect response.

She proudly said, “Have you ever considered that our home is well lit, my phone’s camera has high resolution & w/ 3.3 Million followers i’d make sure my son’s good skin was clearly evident? Maybe you and your friend would like to meet us in person to prove that he doesn’t need beauty effect because he got his mom’s DNA?”

Whoa. That sure is a slap to the face of whoever that basher may be. So, the next time you post mean comments to celebrity posts, better think again or else, suffer from the outcome.