Buy 1 take 8? Is this the response promo of Angel’s Burger to Zark’s burger

In response to the 8 pesos ultimate anniversary discount Zark’s burger made last August 28, Angel’s burger allegedly aired an announcement to also give a super promo for grab on September 1, 2017.

Angel’s burger buy 1 take 8-promo went viral as Facebook page Brandon Cueto Music posted a picture of the burger stand with a flyer promoting an anniversary promo. The said post has raked attention from thousands of netizens who displayed different reactions- most of which made fun of the seemingly unreasonable discount the promo offers.

Photo courtesy of Brandon Cueto

Before it has come to be of real feast for burger lovers, Angel Burger’s official page clarified that the rumor about their super promo was not true, claiming that they only have buy one take one promo since then.

Photo courtesy of Angel’s Burger

Prior to the clarification made, Brandon Cueto soon apologized for the wrong information saying that the Angel’s Burger released an announcement that there is no truth on the “buy one take free promo”