Call center agent and teacher girlfriend accused of stealing a flat screen TV in a motel

A call center agent and his teacher girlfriend was recently arrested after the couple were accused of stealing a flat screen television inside a motel they stayed in at Talisay City in Cebu.

The two were identified as Manuel Espinosa, 43-years old, and his girlfriend named Lady France Orquiza, 33-years old, a public school teacher according to a report by GMA News.

The Talisay City police says that they were able to receive a complaint from the administration of a certain motel about their two guests was caught in the act of trying to steal a flat screen television from the room they checked-in. The incident reportedly happened in the early morning of Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

The motel management also added that it could have been the fourth time that a flat screen television might have been stolen from them, luckily one of their staffs was able to grasp the situation and managed to catch the suspects.

However, Espinosa strongly denies the allegations and said that they were both employed and therefore has no reason to steal. He also showed the “gate pass” that they were given which proves that they have been cleared by the motel staff to check-out from the motel.

The staff of the motel were also firm on their allegation and insists on what they were able to witness.

There were also reports that the suspects already have previous cases of theft from other motels in the area of Cebu City.

Watch the video of the full report below: