Cambodian artist banned to star in movies for being too sexy

Cambodian artist was banned by Ministry of Culture to star in movies for being too sexy. The said viral Cambodian actress is no other than Ms. Denny Kwan, 24 years old, and is currently a hot topic worldwide as she was banned on making films for a year.

The said ban is a punishment imposed by the bosses of the Culture and Fine Arts Ministry after they have agreed that she violated their code of conduct.

She had claimed that she never violated any cultural code of conduct because she ‘never’ played any roles which are not wholesome and considered as ‘sexy’ ones. In an interview made by Cambodia Daily she even argued that, “In Cambodia, there are many sexy artists. Some are even more than me when shooting, featuring kissing and being erotic.”

Ms. Denny Kwan has an amazing 300,000+ followers on Facebook and because of this ban, it is counting even more!

There are also rights group from Cambodia who urges the ministry who imposed the said ban to review their decision. It is still Ms. Denny Kwan’s right to choose whatever clothes she wants to wear, and she even promised to be more sensitive when it comes to posting her photos on public.

Our clothes really have something to do with our image. But, it is not the totality of our personalities as a whole. Remember what a great quote has told us in wearing clothes we do like:

“Forget the rules. If you like it, wear it.”

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Source: Daily Mail