Car show model shames woman she caught together with boyfriend inside their own room

Being in a relationship, it takes one to have extra effort to resist temptations around. Although you may not know what challenges you’ll encounter along your way, the most important thing is you know where to place yourself and keep the knot you have tied from the beginning. But of course, once the foundation is weak, it is always easy for the enemy to conquer and destroy the relationship you have founded.

Just like with the post of Alliah Suriaga which showed how her boyfriend cheated on her and worst, she have seen everything in her own naked eyes. It was stated on her post how she felt after catching her boyfriend with another girl in their room. And as she said pretty girls are losers from those flirt ones.


This post then viral after netizens have read it. Their comments are most likely blaming the woman who was caught in the act and some are blaming the guy also. It would be a shame for the two but everything really do happens for a reason.

Things like this isn’t really good to see and hear. Once you’re in a relationship, you have to be faithful and loyal since you have been trusted from the very beginning. But we can’t really control some things sometimes, so we gotta be sure of our love and always stay good no matter what.