This cave is hiding a facility that could save the human race

We often see in movies the portrayal the world’s distractions and in the end, it always turned out the same thing with the main protagonist surviving the whole thing alongside other important characters. But what if such incident happens in real life? Will the human race survive the world’s destruction?

This question always come to mind to some people. We might be far away from such thing to happen as of yet. However, we can never really tell how long will we live on Earth due to the threat of possibly of having another world war.

Now, with the realization that many countries can possibly be wiped out, many well developed countries are starting to create a technology filled bunkers located at Colorado Springs that could possibly save the entire human race.

The said facility is about 7,000 feet and was already been featured in multiple movies

It served as the a command and control center and was opened by the Department of Defense and was opened on the year 1966

It is believed that the structure can withstand a nuclear attack directly

The doors were designed with a plug premise in mind so that the blast will actually tighten the seal on the door even further

Due to its massive structure, it is necessary to have a vehicle to go around and it comes with a parking lot

The structure is also guarded by military men. Moreover, that the buildings are made from battleship steel that can withstand earthquakes that may occur after a nuclear strike.

So, what do you think of this structure? Do you think its as strong as its claim?