Cebuana model goes viral for just preparing a huge crab for a meal

Oftentimes, we stumble upon a certain photo or video of someone who just seems to be the “ideal” type of woman. Then, we get curious about that certain someone’s identity that we try to do a little “stalking” on their social media accounts and try to get to know them by doing so.

Right now, allow us to give you a quick introduction to another trending “perfect girl” on social media so you could save most of your time by skipping the “stalking” state and just move on with your life.

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Meet Sunshine Guimary, a Cebuana beauty who went viral for her video of preparing some crab in a curious manner, a video which, as of press time, has over 2.2 million views. Who knew that crustaceans could yield a ton of shares and likes?

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FHM shared that Sunshine was able to grace a few pages of their magazine back in 2014. The feature story expounds on the fact that Sunshine is a Cebu-based model who is fond of travelling and eating good food. She also claims to idolize famous women who are her namesake, actresses Sunshine Cruz and Sunshine Garcia.

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Aside from her head-turning and viral-worthy looks, Sunshine is also known for her well-curated Instagram feed, which mostly features her travel adventures here and abroad. With 280K followers and counting on Instagram, she’s definitely a social media star on the rise.

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Sure enough, if you happen to need a little “sunshine” to brighten up your gloomy day, don’t forget to follow Sunshine on her social media pages.

Here is the video of Sunshine that went Viral: