Charice grandma revealed that a lot of her properties are already sold

Charice Pempenco is a well-known international singing sensation who was so popular here in the Philippines and in foreign countries. She was so admired by many because of her voice and talent.  She became instant famous and had even performed as Sunshine Corazon in a famous show “Glee”.

But from a simple pretty girl, she became a lesbian. And since then many became her bashers. Lately, she’s on a hot issue again after changing her name into Jake Zyrus, but still people loved and respected her.  And that another issue arose after her grandmother said something about her properties.

According to Philstar, her grandmother Tess Pineda, revealed that Charice’s properties are already sold which include her mansion, condo in Laguna, apartment in Cabuyao, 2 apartments in America and her business in America which is also to be gone. Pineda is now in fear thinking that her granddaughter’s sacrifices will just turn to nothing.

Recently, Pineda also reacted on the issue about Charice’ changing her name into Jake Zyrus. This thing made Pineda deny that Jake Zyrus isn’t her grandchild. She said, she could accept Charice to be lesbian but not as being Jake Zyrus.

Many felt pity on how Charice’ life turned out to be, but there are still a lot who are hoping that she may find her right way again.

SOURCE: Definitely Filipino