Cheating wife stuck with lover after husband ‘used black magic to catch them’

Many believed that a magic exists but in this modern world, magic is no longer believed to be true by some. A lot of magicians now are gaining fame for the tricks they’re using. However, those tricks are then revealed for the viewers to be aware about it.

But for some who can’t solve their own problems would definitely rely on what they call “black magic”.

Just like with the case of the man who asked for some help from a witch doctor if his suspicion about his wife is correct. The witch doctor then helped him. So he was given a curse to his wife. That whenever his wife and her lover does anything, the guy will be stuck inside her. As planned, he caught them doing what isn’t supposed to be.

After he caught his wife, he immediately called the police and when they arrived, they couldn’t even separate the two. After seeing his wife with the guy, he insisted to keep the spell. So he called a Pastor to pray for his wife and her lover.

The Pastor then helped and asked if the lover believed in God, he then answered yes. So, the Pastor asked him to “pull that thing out” so he followed what the Pastor said and luckily he was free.

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SOURCE: The Readers File