Chinese factory busted for mass producing fake beers

China as we all know is known for its “One child Policy Law” which somehow had helped them control their population. But aside from that, they are also known for the production of different gadgets and other products. In fact, there are already many Chinese people who are living in the Philippines and are having their own businesses as well.

But just recently, a video footage circulated on WeChat and was reposted on Youtube, showing workers reusing empty Budweiser cans that had their tops cut off. And the underground outfit was busted by Chinese authorities.

The video had gone viral because of the manufacture of fake beers. The said company is the Dingy Factory in Dongguan that was busted last May 5 by City Autorities for manufacturing fake beer branded as Budweiser.

The video has three split video clips, the first two clips show bare-handed workers immersing used Budweiser cans, had their tops cut off, into tubs of beer.

The filled cans were then placed into a dirty conveyor belt leading to a canning machine, that seals the contaminated cans.

The third clip then shows officials from China’s Trade and Industry Bureau coming at the facility for an inspection.

Budweiser is a larger manufactured beverage by American giant Anheuser-Busj InBev, which has attempted to make inroads into the Chinese beer market for over a decade.

Watch the full video here:

According to the Shanghaiist report, the underground factory was capable of producing up to 600,000 crates of fake beer every month, for distribution to alcohol outlets such as bars and nightclubs.