Father digs up hole to prepare sick daughter for her death

It’s always a great feeling for a man to become and be called father. For them, it’s a wonderful blessing with responsibility which they love anyways. Although not everyone becomes the best father, there are still many who would do everything for their children.

Just like with a Chinese father who did a very unusual thing for his sick child. Mr Zhang Liyong, a farmer from Sichuan province, had spent all his savings treating his child, who was born with a serious blood disorder. How he prepared his child for her death made his story viral and heart-breaking to everyone.

It was because of his desperation that he dug up a grave for his critically ill daughter to prepare her for her death. The father said he brings the two-year-old to play and rest at grave every day to get her be familiarized with her future burial space.

This heart-breaking story happened in Neijiang city, south-west China wherein it was seen on the video that the father lay in the grave while holding his daughter, Zhang Xinlei. Mr Zhang and his family had already spent over 100,000 yuan ($14,900) treating Xinlei, but they could no longer afford the medical bills.

Zhang also said that they have already borrowed money from many people but they’re no longer willing to lend them more. The couple thought of bearing another child to get the umbilical cord blood to save Xinlei. However, they realized that the transplant wouldn’t be affordable after Zhang’s wife became pregnant.

According to Xinlei’s mother, they no longer have any option so, they decided to give up the treatment and just turned their focus on preparing Xin Lei for her death. As the father Mr Zhang said, ”I could only come up with this idea – bringing her to play at this place. This is where she will rest in peace. All I can do is accompanying her every day”

Mr. Zhang only hopes that Zhang Xinlei will feel comfortable with the grave and won’t be so fearful when the moment comes. It was known that Little Xinlei was diagnosed with thalassemia, an inherited blood disorder, at two months old.

Thalassemia is an inherited blood disorder. According to NHS, People with the condition produce either no or too little haemoglobin, which is used by red blood cells to carry oxygen around the body. Patients with this disorder will need life-long treatment by blood transfusions or Chelation therapy.

Source: Daily Mail