Thai girl breaks the internet with her stunning photos

It’s no denying that in terms of a perfect female body, society advertises big breasts, hide hips and narrow waist. if we put that quantitatively, women with vitals stats of 36-24-36.

These are considered to be the requirements of having a perfect model body that many women today strive for. However, this believed has now changed and one girl from Thailand is the proof.

A not-so plus sized pretty girl from Korat, Thailand named Saowaluk Hirokajung Ping Anawong was recently featured on several blog sites and has gone viral due to her unusual yet sexy body and acted as a role model to those girls who are ashamed of themselves for being fat.

We all know for a fact that there are some people out there who are making fun of plus sized girls and are fond of body shaming. Society’s sick mentality causes some plus sized girls to lack self confidence due to bullying, but it’s so nice to see that a big girl like Ping can shut them up as she showed off her chubby yet sexy body and still get massive admiration from people online.



If you can recall, FHM’s 2015 Sexiest Woman Jessy Mendiola received the same body shaming from many netizens because of her huge thighs and sort of flabby belly, but Jessy didn’t let it slipped and slammed her haters by saying: “My body may not be perfect, but will not stop me from being confident with myself.”

On that note, Ping is also one proof you don’t have to be skinny just to be a model. The secret is that you yourself should be confident of your own body.