Commuters traveled with a “sleeping” man inside a train without knowing he is DEAD

Oftentimes, when we take the public transportation, we no longer try to care about the co-passengers we sit with as long as we get to wherever our destination is. Our hectic schedules taught us to multi-task like read or watch something while riding a public vehicle. That is why we sometimes fail to take notice of the passengers around us.

Just like this incident which occurred in a Line 1 metro train in the Mexican capital Mexico City where commuters unknowingly sat next to a corpse for hours on the train because fellow passengers thought he was simply asleep.

The 70-year-old metro passenger who died with his head slumped against the hand rail of the seat

According to Daily Mail, the 70-year-old man was sitting in the reserved seat for pregnant, elderly and disabled people with his head slumped over one a hand rail that is why no one noticed that the passenger was not moving and in fact, was already dead.

At 11:49 PM, when the metro staff carrying out an inspection of the train came across the man, they became concerned when they could not wake him up. They decided to call paramedics who rushed to the scene but they confirmed that the man was dead for several hours already.

At 11.45pm metro staff carrying out an inspection came across the man (pictured) and became concerned when they could not wake him

Later, tests conducted on the corpse revealed that the man had died of sudden heart failure brought on by fulminant myocarditis – a condition whereby the muscles in the heart become inflamed.

The body of the unnamed man was taken to a nearby morgue and was later claimed by some of his relatives who also refused to reveal their identities.