Completely opposite couple prove that Love wins against all odds

In love, there is no required race, age, body size or appearance. When one feels the unexplainable connection towards another person, love just blooms without any other premise.

That is exactly what happened in the case of this completely opposite couple in terms of their skin color. However, the two defied all the odds of love between them. They have proven that there is no greater power than the love they have for each other.

In a post shared by the Facebook page Universal Icons Productions, a lot of netizens have also expressed their admiration for the couple.

The post contains a video of the couple showing off their dancing skills, the interesting part is that the lady is pregnant while she does the routines of the dance.

The photos included in the post also showed the happy couple with the latest addition to their family – their new-born baby. It is evident that the couple is very happy with each other and they are each other’s source of happiness.

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The comment section of the post were full of positive comments from netizens saying that the couple just proved that love wins in everything. There are also others who complimented the two for having been blessed with such a beautiful baby.

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Indeed, nothing in this world can defeat the power of love. What the world needs is just two people who are willing to fight for their love and bring forth the real meaning of true love – that it is beyond just the physical attraction or impression.