Construction worker found cannibal couple’s phone, disgusted with the images in it

Cannibals are people who eat human flesh. We often see these kind of people in movies. But, who would have thought that they could exist in the real world too?

Roman Knomyakov, a construction worker, went straight to the Krasnodar Region Police station after he discovered that the cellphone he found on the street was filled with disturbing images of a man and a woman posing with body parts of their supposed victims.

In one of the images, the man can be seen taking selfies with a woman’s head and wrists.

To Knomyakov’s surprise, the same man approached him later on the street and asked if he saw any phone.

The police were quick to trace the sim card and they found that the owner was Dmitry Baksheev, 35, who lives in and works at Krasnodar military aviation school dormitory.

His wife, Natalia Baksheev, 42 was also employed there as a nurse.

According to the investigation committee, the suspects are now arrested and detained. The police managed to obtain a photo of the reported recent victim of the suspects.

They further found out that the couple, “manufactured canned human meat” for their own stockpile and to feed the servicemen in the nearby military school.

As the authorities searched the house of the suspects, they found more astonishing evidence. 7 packs of body parts, 19 samples of human skin, and human remains pickled in jars were all found in the freezer and cellar.

They even found a head severed on the ground and an old picture dated December 29, 1999 shows a severed head being served on a plate with oranges as the couple’s Christmas dinner.

The couple reportedly has been murdering and eating people for the past 18 years and has about 30 victims since their awful practice started in 1999.

Meanwhile, a shopkeeper in their neighborhood told reporters that the couple were ‘friendly’ since they often say ‘hello’, ‘please’ and ‘goodbye’.

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Source: Elite Readers