Construction worker reading an Interior Design book on labor day earns admiration online

There’s no denying the fact that people loves non-working holidays for they will the time to stroll and hang out wherever they want and with whoever they want. One holiday we annually celebrate is Labor Day being held every 1st of May. This holiday is celebrated to honor all hard working laborers by giving them a well deserved break from their work.

However, one netizen spotted a man who appears to be a construction worker reading an interior design book during the labor day, in which the man should have taken his break from work.

Facebook user Sarah Grace Regala was inspired by what she saw then she decided to take the man’s picture and post it on social media. In her Facebook post, the man can be seen turning on the pages of the book about interior design ¬†and looking like he is really working hard to learn more by studying despite of the holiday

While I treat this day as an ordinary Lay-Bored Day, this man is different. This construction worker, reading an interior design book during lunch time, proves that no one can stop you if you really want to learn and perfect your craft. He may not have a college diploma,an impressive CV or a big amount in his bank account , but this man has a heart and hunger to learn. What’s our excuse then?#neverstoplearning #perfectyourcraft #laborday

The post has now garnered over 30k likes and reactions and already been shared almost 11 thousand times as of writing.

This man is a good influence to anyone who is just lying on their beds and relying on a miracle to happen without doing something about it. He is a perfect role model to those who don’t see studying or going to school important, as this man proves that in life, learning never ends. It only depends on how willing you are to learn.

SOURCE: Rachfeed