Contestant who bully PH’s Maureen Wroblewitz engages into a verbal fight with fellow model

The 5th cycle of the reality show Asia’s Next Top Model has been a blast this past week as it has been the main talk all over the social media sites due to the bullying incident that occurred on the said show, involving Indonesian model Clara Tan and Philippines’ own Maureen Wroblewitz.

Unfortunately for Clara, she was not only lambasted by the show’s photographer over her disrespectful attitude she displayed, leading her to shed some tear, but she has also encountered one person she might regret of arguing with in the form Vietnam’s Minh Tu Nguyen.

In the short video posted by YouTube channel William Binh, you can see another Indonesian model named Valerie being happy because none of her roommates made it this far in the competition and none of them is yet to be eliminated and that includes Clara Tan.

However despite of the celebration a fight has went down between the Vietnamese model Minh Tu Nguyen and Clara Tan. The Vietnamese model claimed that Clara has been an unruly roommate as she was too noisy causing Minh Tu Nguyen to lose her beauty sleep.

The confrontation even got more heat when the two started pointing their fingers unto each other and even got a step further as the they began to called each other unpleasant names.

See the clip of the said confrontation below.