Couple chose to end relationship after 9 long years and posts bittersweet letters to each other before the year ends

A long and lasting relationship is one of the rarest treasures a person could ever find. This is why when one person finally finds that someone they want to spend the rest of their lives with, letting go is never an option. However, there are also relationships that despite withstanding the test of time, two people just realize that they are not the one for each other.

Just like in the case of this now trending couple. They made headlines after both posted letters to each other after they mutually decided to end their 9-year relationship.

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The girl named Angel Lobido started off by saying that her post will serve as an appreciation/yearender/farewell post to her childhood sweetheart. She expressed her gratefulness to Paul, her childhood sweetheart for all the memories they shared together and for taking care of her and her family for the past 9 years. She says that although it may be the end of their relationship, Paul will still have a special place in her heart.

Here is Angela’s full post:

On the other hand, Paul who goes by the name Brian Estores on his Facebook account also shared a letter for Angel. In his letter, Paul says that he is thankful for the love Angel made him feel. He recalled the first romantic moment he had with her and how he felt during that moment and also said that he will be forever grateful to Angela for giving him the best years of his life.

Here is Paul’s full post:

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One can never really tell the start or end of a relationship. Let’s just hope for the best and pray for the happiness of these two people.