Couple dies after huge wave slammed them while they pose for their last photo

A couple reportedly died in a tragic accident at the beach while they were having their last photo together before a huge wave suddenly slammed and instantly washed them off.

The couple were said to be swept to the sea as a very huge ‘wave’ from the coast slammed them and cause them their terrifying death. The place in which they died was the horrific sea near the village of Rio Das Ostras Blue Coast in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

As seen in the video, two persons can be seen devoured by a huge wave. The person filming their last moment is so helpless that all he can do is to shout and cheer them to swim back to the rocky edge.

Watch the footage below.

As of writing, the video has racked up more than five million views in Facebook alone.

Dhi Benevides, the uploader of the said viral video, just strongly warned the public to be more wary of places they visit and always consult the local government’s announcements and warnings regarding these places.

This may serve as an eye opener for us, to all the travelers and adrenaline junkies especially this summer season. Stay safe always!

Source: Rachfeed