Couple draws mixed reactions for doing this on the subway

Often times, the way we perceive pictures that we see in the internet or different social media are actually different from the real thing. As we all know, all kinds of editing techniques are already done by many, so that’s why we are easily tricked by those pictures they’re posting.

Now, a picture taken from China is now shared all over the world. It’s a picture of a guy with his girlfriend on the Beijing Subway. Now, if you would see the picture yourself, you would certainly have your own perspective or idea of what the two were doing.

As soon as this picture comes out, netizens reacted differently about it. They were so annoyed and mad about the persons present in the picture until someone commented on it.

Here’s a comment coming from Giovita Lim :

A witness comments on the original mirco blog that those two people are in relationship. The lady was laying down bc she felt unwell and her boyfriend pulled her dress in case of accidental exposure. The person who copied this post from micro blog and posted it here obviously know the whole story so I just wanna ask what do you mean by uglified them on purpose?

Because of this comment, netizens were then clarified about the picture but there are still some who won’t believe the reason behind. As human as we are, we tend to immediately judge others by the way we foresee things according to our own perspectives not knowing that behind our judgement, good things are on it.

SOURCE: Shanghaiist