This couple engagement photo goes terribly wrong after they forget to check the background

In this generation that we have now, we tend to give every detail and information on our social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We don’t even think of what could possibly happen after posting it. It even seems like, it is already our public diary, where supposed to be our diaries should only be private.

Sometimes, when we’re on a hurry of posting something, we tend to commit mistakes, accidentally. We were able to post something unwanted and disliked by some. Well, that’s exactly what had happened to the newly-engaged Miranda Levy.

The woman posted their engagement on Facebook by saying how she was being asked by her boyfriend for marriage.

She also posted their engagement photo and ring, but forgot to hide a small but very important detail right on the photo.

When she posted her impending nuptials on Facebook, she forgot to crop something pretty personal which catches the eyes of the her friends. Her friends jump on it and talked about it like it was really that very big deal for everyone. Miranda would’ve most likely to break that news within herself, but she was to the point of no return after having an unintended blow.

The couple forgot to crop the pregnancy test result on the foreground and their friends saw it.


While we are happy for them to be married soon despite of the unwanted incident, hope this could be of great lesson for everyone. Check every detail of your photos before posting them. Scroll down to see the full amusing story.

H/T: Bored Panda