Couple learns their lesson the hard way after leaving the door unlocked and do their thing

Guy learns his lesson the hard way to always close the doors first before getting into it after his future father-in-law caught them inside a room with his fiancee naked.

Facebook page University Secret Files shared a story that crazily went viral for the past few months until now after the sender shared his confession about this very embarrassing moment.

According to his post, he decided to go to his fiancee’s house to pay her a visit and brought some foods. The couple then decided to do a movie marathon where they watched various films of their liking in his fiancee’s room. However, there was that one movie called “Original Sin” that really pulled the trigger for them to do some sexy stuff.

When they are finally getting it on in bed, he said that his fiancee moaned so loud that it’s possible for it to be heard by someone in the house. Moments later, while they are in the middle of the action, his fiancee’s father opened up the door seeing them doing the act.

Despite of getting angry, he claimed that his future father-in-law just laugh and asked them to give him two grandchildren.

Read the story from the sender’s perspective below:

We are not encouraging anybody, but we just want to say that if you are going to do something nasty, you should always lock the door so that your fan won’t be interrupted by someone.