Couple observes abnormality in their living room, it turns out to be a 33-foot deep well under their sofa for the last 24 years

Sometimes, the places we currently spend time in may not be as familiar as they seem. There may be hidden treasures or places right under our noses that are only waiting to be discovered.

61-year-old Collen Steer and his wife Vanessa were really fascinated when they were able to find something unbelievable under their own living room sofa.

PH Trending reported that the couple has been happily living in their house for 24 long years before they were able to notice a “slight” indentation in their living room.

Mr. Steer got excited about what may be behind the slight indentation. Who knows? it may contain treasure of some sort that can change his life forever.

So, he started off with the digging. Just 5 feet into it, he managed to find an old sword.

As the work was getting heavy because the well just goes deeper and deeper, Mr. Steer asked for some help from a local man and they spent three days on clearing the medieval well. They even used a bucket and a rope to pull up the debris that they got from the inside of the well.

The well went really deep under that when Mr. Steer measured its depth, it reached a whopping 33-feet. Well, someone clumsy enough could have fallen 33-feet deep under If Mr. Steer was not able to discover what’s lying beneath their sofa.

As a way to preserve the well, Mr. Steer  put some lighting inside the well and he even managed to tidy it up. In addition to that, he built a trap door into the living room floor for easy access for everyone.