Couple recreates memorable photos after losing weight for it to look PERFECT

Now that the year is about to end, many people are already formulating their very own new year’s resolution. However, more often than not, these resolutions are often effective only on the first few weeks of the new year and is forgotten to be followed for the rest of the year.

But, this couple begs to differ with that notion about new year resolutions. Lexi Reed from Terre Haute, Indiana, weighed 485lbs back in 2016 while her husband Danny tipped the scales at 280lbs. Together they decided to get into shape and just eighteen months later the pair have lost almost 400lbs (28 stone) together!

According to Bored Panda, the couple was married back in 2015. Together, they use to eat a lot that they consume about 8,000 calories every single day. So, as a new year’s resolution, the two decided to put an end to their over-consumption and try to live a healthier life.

They decided to give up junk food and replaced it with home-cooked meals. They also started to hit the gym 5-6 times per week.

With the support they get from each other, they were able to shed around half of their previous body size in just 12 months.

During the couple’s weight-loss journey, many people were inspired that Lexi even managed to gain 500k followers on her Instagram account (@fatgirlfedup). Most of her followers are amazed by her hardwork and determination.

The couple even tried to recreate some of their photos when they were still “fat” and they were barely recognizable as their body size drastically changed.