This couple’s relationship goal to earn a million out of coins goes viral

Out of all the #RelationshipGoals in the universe, we can barely choose which one is the most desirable to do with the love of your life. If you haven’t decided on a certain something yet, allow us to give you a suggestion.

Spending quality time with our loved ones require the most important thing, money. Whether you go on a cozy date or a simple stroll around town, it still requires a certain amount of cash.

But, what if the cash that was left from your cozy date or simple stroll will all be saved for future use? Interesting suggestion, right?

We’ve got our inspiration from this couple who posted their “savings journey” on Facebook.

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Yona Abella posted a few photos with her boyfriend. What maked the photo extra unique is the third thing that is present, their savings which were all composed of coins which they formed to the shape of a P1 M.

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In the post, Yona elaborate that she together with her partner challenged themselves to save all their remaining coins in a day when they get home. Although it wasn’t as big of a saving, with their commitment to the challenge, their savings increased little by little.

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Yona even said that the said money could be used to buy the things they want in the future. She also encouraged everyone to do the same and find their own #IponBuddy so that they would no longer ask their parents for money when they need it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and find yourself your very own #IponBuddy to save up for your future with.

Here is Yona’s full post: