Cousins Forced To Dig Their Own Grave And Killed Mercilessly

There’s a saying that goes: “You are digging your own grave“, we often hear this line when watching an intense scene from an action movie or TV series, but a 17-year old boy and his 22-year old cousin weren’t shooting a movie when they were forced to dig their own grave by the suspects in Brazil.

It is such a chilling moment 17-year old Wagner da Rosa and his cousin Victor da Rosa were captured by a rival gang and taken to a woodland area near Porto Alegre.

Upon arriving on the location, the cousins were then told to dig their own grave while being held at gunpoint by at least four other men

Once they were done digging their own graves, the cousins were then ordered to lie in the grave and were then shot repeatedly with rifles, killing them in instant.

As if it was not enough, the murderers then decided to spill some gasoline on the cousins’ dead body and burn it down in flames.

According to Brazillian authorities, they believe the pair were killed after a factional row between drugs gangs turned increasingly violent. Furthermore, police are still investigating the crime and have not yet released the names of the gunmen, but believe that the suspects were from a gang known as Anti-Bullet.

Videos of the incident were posted by a Facebook user named Dadal Abreu. Those who are brave enough to watch the stomach churning cellphone footage may check it below.

Note: The video contains graphic content.

SOURCE: Mirror