Cow gives birth to a human-like baby in Thailand

Aside from carabaos, cows are the most common type of animal that can be found in farmlands. They are commonly raised as livestock for their meat (beef) and dairy products (such as milk) can also be derived from them. This is why farmers find it beneficial to raise cows.

But, what if one day, a cow gives birth to a seemingly “human-shaped” creature?

In Thailand, a cow miraculously gave birth to an unknown creature which resembles the shape of a new-born baby. One can really see that the creature’s face looks like that of a human. However, its hands and feet resembles that of a cow.


Unfortunately, the human-looking calf died after birth as reported by Wereblog.


Thais who were there on the scene believe that the unexplained phenomena will bring them good luck and everyone in the village started praying for blessings.


As part of their ritual, the villagers poured baby powder onto the dead body. They also burned incense as they believe that it will cleanse the evil parts of the calf and they also hope that the calf will be able to reincarnate peacefully.


The people in the village were left with the questions of what really happened to the cow? Why is its appearance closely resembles that of a human being? Why did it immediately die?


Researchers, however say that the calf was a product of severe birth defects and his body cannot take the heavy toll which also explains why it died after birth.

Watch the full video below to learn more: