Girl creates a detailed Powerpoint to convince crush to date her

We all have that one crush we desperately want to notice us and would mindlessly do anything just to catch his/her attention. However, instead of acting awkwardly in front of her crush and makes a fool of herself, this girl had a very unusual way on convincing her crush why he should date her.

A University of Minnesota named Lizzy Fenton has captured attention from any netizens as she created a well detailed PowerPoint presentation on why her crush Carter Blochwitz should take her out on a date.

In Lizzy’s PowerPoint presentation which was entitled “Why You Should Date Me,” she explains all of the positive reasons on why she is a perfect choice as a girlfriend as the first slide of her epic PowerPoint which is followed by three bullet points next to a photo of herself alongside with her friend.

On the next slide, she pointed out that having her as a girlfriend is like having three different girlfriends, this is perfect for those not wanting to tie themselves down to one girlfriend as she can style her hair in diverse looks that transform her into another person.

The third slide by far is the most hilarious one as she shows off her scientific skills with a detailed explanation about how her boobs have grown. Complete with a graph and statistical analysis, she concluded that her pair of jugs will roughly be a size of a human by the year 2025.

Lizzy then gets practical as she also pointed that she is financially stable and has with a wealthy behind the scenes finance supporters in the form of her parents, so that Carter needs not to worry about paying for every date or if ever they are short in money. She also added the important point that she is always at work and she won’t be too clingy.

Her last slide takes the take as she provided a list of endorsements from some pretty high-profile critics, including Channing Tatum and Miss America, along with New York Times, Carter’s Ex and the last but certainly not the least Lizzy’s loving mother.


However, despite of Carter being amused of the effort that Lizzy put on the PowerPoint presentation for him, he has this to say: “This is very nice. Please stop contacting me,”

But this was not a downfall for the young Lizzy Fenton as Microsoft the big company behind PowerPoint tweeted their own endorsement that she is “pretty dang great at PowerPoint.

Who needs Carter’s attention when you were noticed by someone much better like Microsoft? Now that’s how you make yourself an internet legend.