Creepy voice of a woman heard in battle area in Marawi

The almost 5 months war between the government forces and Maute terrorists in Marawi recently concluded. It can be said that although many soldiers lost their lives, the battle is still won because the leaders of the Maute were killed and their evil plan to conquer the country did not prosper.

Videos and photos of the war zone recently surfaced online, especially the ones that feature the faces of the soldiers after the war. There are also videos and photos that feature the ruined buildings in the main battle area of the city.

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However, a video in which a creepy voice can be heard is now making rounds online and it sure sounds scary.

A mysterious voice that sounded like a woman crying for help can be heard in the video clip taken by a journalist who entered the deserted battle area in Marawi. All throughout the video, the creepy voice can be heard two times.

Kicker Daily reported that a total of 50 civilians were found dead in the place where the video was taken.

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Some Muslim residents believe that the voice belongs to “djinn” – a supernatural creature in Islamic mythology.

In an Interview with GMA, Zia Adiong Alonzo, Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao’s Assemblyman said that the Marawi ruins attract negative energy and forces. TheĀ “djinns” usually goes to these kinds of places because they feed on negative energy.

We’ll never know whatever the creepy voice may mean or where it really came from. Let us just continue to pray for the souls of the victims of the war in Marawi and for the city to recover from the disaster they went through.

Watch the video of the report below: