Crystal accident in Bacolod kills 1 and wounded 9 others, video goes viral on Facebook

A terrifying incident occurred in Barangay Mansalingan, Bacolod City when a 7×13 sheet of crystals fell over while it was being unloaded from a container van early Wednesday morning, May 4.

Report from Bombo Radyo Bacolod indicated that the crystals were being unloaded when a 10-wheeler truck passed by and caused a sudden shaking of the ground. The incident caused heavy damage which killed one and left nine others wounded.

A video of the aftermath was uploaded by a Facebook user  Eric Calego. In his video, you can see  the warehouse guard who got buried under the broken crystals while others are trying to dig him out.

It took them a while before they took out the guard’s body because the crystals above him were just too many.

The man’s identity was later identified as Victor Lasanas, a warehouse security near the mosque where the crystals were being delivered.

Watch the video from Facebook below courtesy of Eric Calago: