Customer returns sandwich after it was not ‘perfectly’ cut in half

Sometimes when we order in fast food chains or restaurants, we are given the choice of dividing what we ordered in parts depending on our preference.

Just like in the case of this customer who decided to order a sandwich at a certain restaurant. What made her supposedly ‘ordinary’ dining experience ‘extra-ordinary’ is a somewhat unexpected moment when she returned the sandwich she ordered simply because it was not ‘perfectly’ cut into two.

The Facebook page of Corowa RSL Club shared the unexpected experience and it instantly caught the attention of Netizens as it really was a hilarious feat.

Not measuring up to expectations. Picture: LinkedIn

One of the staff of the restaurant even decided to measure the sandwich and it turned out that the other half was bigger by no more than a single centimeter. So, the staff simply decided to give the customer a new set of ‘perfectly’ cut sandwich. After all, the saying that “the customer is always right” is still applicable to all kinds of businesses.

No matter how nitpicky the said customer is, it turned that he/she is still right and the management also did the right thing of replacing the sandwich ordered.

Netizens also find the post really funny causing it to be shared multiple times. As we all know, many people just love to share good vibes with everyone.

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Nevertheless, this should also serve as a lesson to restaurant owners that perfection is a must in the food trade industry. As there are customers that just don’t mind at all, there are also nitpicky ones that are really particular even with the smallest details.

Here is Corawa’s full post: