Their dad died this summer, so mum gifted them a talking stuffed toy with his perfume and voice on Christmas

One can truly appreciate the essence of Christmas not through expensive gifts but by simply being reunited with the family members and celebrating the occasion together. After all, our savior who was given birth on this day did not require us to give him any glamorous gift, just the presence of his parents was enough for him.

Christmas is really about family. Being reunited with family members that have stayed away from each other and reminiscing memories that are cherished forever. Also, remembering the memories of our deceased relatives and honoring them in any way we could.

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Just like this story shared by Twitter user, @_alinaangel. According to the tweet, Alina’s dad passed away earlier this year. They will be celebrating Christmas without him for the first time. So, in order to still feel his presence, Alina and her mom decided to plan a little surprise for her younger sisters.

They decided to give the younger ones a bear with the scent of their dad’s favorite cologne and at the same time, a recording of his voice. When the girls opened their gifts, their reactions are just too priceless. Although they are crying, it is still evident that they are happy with being able to receive something that will make them remember their dad every single day.

Here is a video of them opening the gift:

Alina further said that Christmas will never be the same without their dad but, she believes that he is still with them in spirit.