Dad gives makeover to this rusty tower and made it home for his family

Depending on the perspective of a person, anything under the sun no matter how old and rusty it may seem can be turned into something new and amazing.

This is exactly what Patrick Mets, an architect by profession did to an old and abandoned water tower. Mets has always been fascinated with older industrial structures and that includes water towers.

When he was a young man growing up in Belgium, he would take a closer look at the water towers that were located in the countryside and dream of living inside one. It may have taken a few years but Patrick has finally been able to live out his fantasy.

The home that he was able to build for himself inside of the water tower is surely one of the most spellbinding things that one can ever see. Well, some may consider a water tower as an impossible place to build a home in, Mets just proved otherwise. Together with his partner Valerie, the two have finally found the perfect location for their dream home.

It took them a while to find the water tower that was just right for them, though. The tower that finally caught their eyes is located just outside of the city of Brussels. Much like any other couple that spends a great deal of time looking for the proper home, they knew that they had found “the one” as soon as they saw it for the first time.

Although they already found the perfect location, the couple was still faced with the dilemma of acquiring proper permits from the local government to transfer ownership of the water tower. It took seven years before it was finally handed over to them.

Mets then decided that he wanted to maintain as much of the original building as possible. After spending roughly $2 million dollars and untold hours of time, Patrick’s dream home was finally complete.

The place has since been named the “water castle”. The aesthetic is modern and Patrick received assistance from Mauro Bingham, a designer who specializes these themes.

According to Goodfullness, because of installing windows on the property, Patrick is able to take in astonishing 360 degree views of the countryside. He and his wife lived at the tower for a few years before deciding to depart.

They now reside in an area that is closer to where their daughter attends school. Those who wish to rent out the tower in the clip below for special occasions are now able to do so.