Dad posts photo of daughter eating pizza before he ‘stabbed her to death’

Filial love or the love of children to their parents is the kind of love that is unconditional in nature. After all, children owe their lives to their parents and the love of parents to their children are also beyond compare. As shown in their efforts to give the best for their children, our one true love is really the love that our parents give.

However, this news just seems to differ with society’s perception of the unconditional love between parents and children. A 54-year-old father was recently arrested for the murder of his own 8-year-old daughter.

Just fifteen minutes before police were called to the horrific killing, the father Bill Billingham, 54, posted this picture of his daughter Mylee Billingham on Facebook eating pizza on a bed with the caption: ‘Pitza on bed lv moo x’

Bill Billingham, 54, has been named by locals after his eight-year-old daughter, Mylee, was found with knife wounds on Saturday night in Valley View in Brownhills near Walsall.

A friend of the arrested father (pictured) said: 'I just can't believe he would do something like this. It's completely out of character'

In a report by Daily Mail, An hour before police arrived at 9:15pm, the father posted a picture of his daughter on Facebook at 8:15pm eating pizza on a bed with the caption:’Pitza on bed lv moo x’.

The report also claims that Billingham was previously laid-off from his job as a factory worker. Furthermore, he also stabbed himself in the stomach several times after killing his daughter. He is now in a hospital with police officers on his bedside.

Neighbours described seeing Mylee's mother Tracey Taundry (pictured) outside the property screaming: 'They stabbed my baby'

Mylee’s mother, whose name was Tracey Taundry already split up with Billingham. Tracey reportedly ‘liked’ Billingham’s post of Mylee eating a pizza.

A police car and a police van parked outside a bungalow which was sealed off as a crime scene amid the snow on Sunday morning 

Chief Inspector Gareth Morris who was in-charged of the investigation of the case said: “Went to this heartbreaking incident last night and to see the officers who first responded. The death of a child is so hard hitting and my thoughts and those of the officers are with the family and friends.”