Dad throws kids in the window before jumping off the 5th floor of burned apartment

Our family is the most important treasure that we could ever have in this world. We live with them until the end of time and we can’t lose any moment without having them. If something bad happens to them, seems like our whole world will torn apart.

We can’t even lose any chance of saving them in the middle of danger even if it costs our own lives. Just like what happened to a dad who became an instant hero for his kids. He saved his family in the middle of the fire by throwing a rug first, so passers-by could catch them.

Dad throws the first kid through the window and passers-by are helpful enough to catch them.

He then threw the second kid of him.

Dad jumped off after his two kids.

This heroism did by the father had saved his family from burning and with the help of passers-by to catch them.

Watch the full video here:

Their hero dad was able to save his family and survived the freak incident but seriously injured his spine.