Dad warns everyone after fidget spinner exploded right on son’s face

A fidget spinner is now the gadget that both young and old are interested in having and using it. They wanted to have it for it could be used to relieve some stress and could test about one’s concentration. Same with other gadgets, these fidget spinners have also advantages and disadvantages.

These fidget spinners could really help adults in handling stresses in life while for kids its merely a kind of toy for them which they don’t know what harm these toys could give them. Others have already shared how they have fun in using the toy but for some it’s such an ordeal experience to have one.

Just like what had happened to a man who shared his bad experience with the fidget spinner. John Harris and his son had enjoyed playing the fidget spinner together. They were having so much fun with it that they have even used an air compressor to make the gadget spin even faster and higher.

Not knowing of the possible things that may happen, while playing with the toy, it suddenly explodes right on his son’s face which really hit his mouth. They then had to rush to the hospital and the boy ended up needing 30 stitches – 3 inside his mouth.

The father of the child now shared their terrible experience to warn others and they may not experience the same thing. He posted on his Facebook account with a caption:

“I know this post isn’t gonna be easy for some to look at, but I felt it necessary. This was caused from playing with a fidget spinner and compressed air (air compressor) spraying across it. I was holding the spinner and the air hose when it happened. We had been playing with it for a while and all of a sudden the plastic on the fidget spinner exploded. We are at the ER now waiting to have stitches. I am sharing so no one else has the same stupid idea that I had. We were lucky it missed his eyes. It could have been much worse.”

It’s now a big warning to everyone not to play so much with the fidget spinner or much better not to buy it anymore. We can’t be sure how safe these toys are but safety for the family must always comes first.

Source: Newsner